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His master’s voice: David Almond mythophone

Imagine this… It’s the hottest day of the year. You are meandering through the hordes of sun-scorched drinkers, eyeing up their ice cold pints, when you spot it. Slap bang in the middle of the village green! A giant ear trumpet on legs…

It’s not just any old ear trumpet. It’s a mythophone! A David Almond mythophone! And it promises to spew out story snippets at the touch of a button. Oh yes. There’s a button. Who can resist a button?

Go on. Press it. You know you want to. Who knows what story you’ll get? Maybe it will be tender, maybe it will be terrifying…

Hang on to your hat! HERE WE GO….

You’ll find the David Almond mythophone on the Winged Tales of the North Trail in the Ouseburn Valley. Part of the Great Exhibition of the North, this street art trail is a bit off the beaten track, but ideal for a creatively inspiring ramble. The nearby Seven Stories (National Centre for Children’s Books) is hosting a related exhibition Where your wings were – Journeys with David Almond.

PS: A word of warning: Resist the temptation to stick your little Jack Russell nose (and ears) into the mythophone. Why? Because BOOM! The authorial voice of Mr Almond will blast you clear across the green. It’s really rather thrilling.

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