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Brittle Star

Limehaven poetry book reviewed in Brittle Star

Thanks to poet Paul Blake for his comprehensive review of Limehaven (IRON Press) in the latest issue of literary magazine Brittle Star.

Paul discussed several of the book’s poems in depth and wrote that: “…the language is simple, there is an immediacy here, a freshness… It illustrates Arthurs’ gift for tenderness, which is so powerfully demonstrated in this collection.”

He also enjoyed the book’s look and feel: “As a book it’s a pleasure to handle, with generous margins that give the poems space to breathe, and charmingly illustrated with black and white woodcuts that share the deceptive simplicity of the poems.”

He concluded that the poetry collection reflected the people who inspired it, being “uncynical”, “warm-hearted” and “charming.”

Brittle Star is literary magazine that champions new writers. Published twice a year, it features an intriguing mix of short stories, poems, articles and reviews. The current issue opens with three beautiful poems by Julie Mellor. I can’t wait to read the rest…

To find out more about Limehaven, or to buy a copy, click here.

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