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Media kit

Resources for journalists, bloggers and festival organisers

Thank you for your interest in my work. Please view and download the media resources below. If you need more information, please get in touch by email. Let me know if you plan to publish an article or review, so I can direct readers to your publication or blog.

Media resources

Select a title and click to open the PDF:


All images are available in two resolutions (72 dpi for web use and 300 dpi for print). Select the resolution you require, then click on the picture. When the image opens, right-click and select ‘Save as’ to download it. If you use the author photo, please credit the photographer: © Donna-Lisa Healy. Please get in touch if you need further images or image sizes.

Limehaven audiobook cover at 72dpi (for web use)
Audiobook (72 dpi)
Limehaven book cover at 72dpi (for web use)
Book cover (72 dpi)
Vicky Arthurs (full colour author photo, 72 dpi, for web use)
Author (72dpi, colour)
Vicky Arthurs (b&w author photo, 72dpi for web use)
Author (72dpi, B&W)
Limehaven audiobook cover at 300dpi (print quality)
Audiobook (300dpi)
Limehaven book cover at 300dpi (print quality)
Book cover (300dpi)
Vicky Arthurs (full colour author photo, 300 dpi, print quality)
Author (300dpi)
Vicky Arthurs (b&w author photo, 300dpi, print quality)
Author (300dpi, B&W)

Review copies

The new audiobook and worldwide print editions of Limehaven (Poems for my grandparents) are available to review. Please email details of your publication/blog and your preferred format and I’ll organise a review copy for you. You can also read or listen to six poems from the book here.

Interviews and features

You’ll find a sample Q&A in the media resources. I also do individual interviews and am happy to write feature articles and guest blog posts. You can view a feature writing sample below:

Press for Limehaven: Poems for my grandparents

“It’s the best debut collection I’ve read in ages. This delightful, nostalgic book is a love letter to Vicky’s grandparents. The poems are clever and beautiful…”

Elaine Cusack, Culture, The Journal

“The book rolls out with a joyous panache… There is a gorgeous childlike voice to these poems, peppered with songs, rhymes and humour.”

Robin Houghton, Envoi

Affectionate, poignant and compelling… with lots of possibilities for English teachers… an excellent springboard for students writing about their own childhood memories and reflections.”

Susan Elkin, The School Librarian

“The language is simple, there is an immediacy here, a freshness… It illustrates Arthurs’ gift for tenderness, which is so powerfully demonstrated in this collection.”

Paul Blake, Brittle Star

“With its lyrical form, the poetry is inspired by childhood memory… beautifully presented…”

Mslexia: Indie Presses

“The poetry is powerful, emotive and personal…”

Living North

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