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Reading: Open book and penguin mug

We had no telly when I was little, so I grew up reading. Books were portals into other worlds: passports to adventure. Vicky Arthurs

Five favourite books

Like most writers, I love reading. But when I’m asked what my favourite book is, I struggle. I have hundreds of favourites across different genres. When my book Limehaven: Poems for my grandparents was first published, I was asked to write an article for The Journal’s Readers’ Lives series. The brief was to write about five books that had been important to me, either growing up or as an adult. It was a fun commission. The hard part was whittling the list down to just five books! Luckily I had a deadline to meet…

Here’s what I came up with at the time. Happy reading!

Photo credits: Book fan © BMNorthernlight, Author photo © Donna-Lisa Healy

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