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Robert Rabbin’s Authenticity Accelerator

I have been silent for several weeks – online at least! I like silence. You can hear yourself think. Or not. Not is rarer and more interesting, and I’m always curious to learn from people who’ve tapped into their own stillness, whether by accident or through years of practice.

Robert Rabbin falls into the latter category. He’s a leadership consultant and public speaking coach who spent ten years studying meditation in an ashram in India.

His latest book, Authenticity Accelerator: How to Live an Authentic Life in Ten Words, is a beautifully clear distillation of lessons learned over a lifetime. Of course, I’m a sucker for simplicity, slim volumes and sock-it-to-’em titles. He had me at ‘ten words.’ They are lovely words, steeped in stillness, but Rabbin’s radical message seems to be that inner silence is not enough. Until we let our words and actions rise out of that silence, the job is only half done.

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