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Cover detail from What it is by Lynda Barry

What it is by Linda Barry

I received a gift. A mysterious parcel in the post. I knew it was coming, but not what it was, nor when it would arrive. I waited by the letterbox like an eager terrier. I wanted to know what this present was.

At last, it came. I tore open the packaging to find a big, colourful book, helpfully titled What it is. That made me smile.

What it is is a vivid exploration of creativity, imagery and the mystery of writing, penned by author and illustrator Linda Barry. Cartoons of her own creative journey come together with drawings, thoughts, ideas and things to try. It’s an invitation to play and a brilliant reminder that not knowing is part of the magic.

An original book and a true gift. 4 stars

(Image: Cover detail, What it is by Lynda Barry)

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